Our Products

Our product provides guidelines to support the Bank mandate in development financing. It applies with reference to the DBS Credit Risk Management Policy and related policies approved by the Board.

AgricultureLivestock, fisheries, crops
Industry OtherRetail, food, clothing, transportation
Industry TourismRental accommodation, hotel, beach fale
Sustainable Inclusive DevelopmentEducation, Health, Financial Inclusion

For further information, please contact the DBS Lending Team via email;

Aiufi Kelekolio / Manager Loans Administration / Email – aiufik@dbsamoa.ws
Goretti Godinet-Fau / Manager Loans Management / Email – gorettif@dbsamoa.ws
Migao Tiotio / Manaaiufis@dbsamoa.wsger Savaii Branch /  Email Рmigaot@dbsamoa.ws